Informational Summaries and Transcripts 21-22

2021-22 Education Transparency Act Descriptions and Transcripts

The Education Transparency Act (ETA), Md. Ed. Code Ann., §3-2B-09(b)(3)(effective July 1, 2018), requires the Board of Education to provide a full and accurate description of final actions taken at the Board's public meetings.

Beginning with the November 10, 2020, Board meeting, descriptions may only be accessed in BoardDocs. The Board also publishes video minutes. Additionally, as required by Board of Education Policy 8222.II.C.9, after April 9, 2019, the Superintendent is required to supply a stenographic transcript of school board meetings and public hearings. Note that if there is a discrepancy between the Board’s video minutes and this description, the video, which constitutes the official minutes of the Board meeting, shall control.